Later Skater!

The new blog is LIVE. The website is no longer. It's a new blog/website. Goodbye blogger. You probably won't be missed since I still use you for my personal blog. :)
Update your bookmarks. And if I'm not bookmarked, bookmark me!

Enjoy! And leave a comment if you want (on the new blog). And leave one even if you don't want.


Almost done....

The new blog is almost done. Turns out re-creating a blog that is also going to be my website takes a lot of time. Especially when I'm being milked all day.
I'm combining my blog and website so if you're really attached to my website, get a good last look because it's going away. :)
And with the unveiling of the new blog (trying to sound official here) I'm going to be giving away a FREE session so keep checkin' back.



Baby + hoodie...

...doesn't get much better unless you throw a pair of flip-flops on him. Which are still a smidge big.


Jeff, Jacqui, and familia...

I've taken their pictures a few times. It's always fun. And slightly tiring. Energetic kids. Which is a good thing in my book. I'd much rather they come with some personality than a bump on a log. The blonde little girl reminds me of my 5 year old. Strong personality and quick to make you laugh. And Jaqcui...she's going to be a famous author one day (still waiting on my preview of the book, Jacqui). And she was on MY blog.
On to the pictures.


Hunger Games.

Just finished reading this book. Good, easy read. My brother called it a "literary twinkie".
I'll admit when I read the premise of the book, I had my doubts. But it was definitely worth the late-night reads (which is the only time I have to read, and I do, every night).

Now on to book 2, Catching Fire.


Where does time go....

I've been enjoying this guy all week. Partially by choice, partially because he's slightly on the demanding side. He's big. And he's smiling! And he's growing too dang fast.


Chris and Brittany. Married.

Chris and Brittany were married last October. They were the perfect couple. Brittany completely relaxed and care-free. And Chris--more than eager and willing to get his picture taken. Seriously. He was.
Finally. I give you Chris and Brittany.